Performance space

A performance radius of 360 degrees – the public space as an arts space

Theatre and the performing arts – in all of their hybrid forms – when taken to the public space, belong to some of the most visionary and innovative cultural genres that can be found, not only in Europe, but worldwide.

In the last few years, public space has received increasing attention, both in theoretical discourses and in artistic practice. It is inspirational: a laboratory for inter- and transdisciplinary forms of the performing arts. From performing and visual arts, to installation and interventionist art in urban and rural areas, public space has increasingly become the site of action.

Theatre and the performing arts in public spaces are artistic formats that specifically aim to integrate and adept themselves to urban life. Everyday places become poetic reference points and are brought into new communicative contexts. Through the marriage of artistic action and everyday locations, creative and social spaces are formed and transformed. Instead of waiting for them, art  in public spaces comes to the people: also to those who would otherwise rarely have contact with  it.

Theatre and performance in public spaces works through dialogue and the negotiation of boundaries between artist, location and audience. The creative use of urban locations creates a new perspective on everyday architecture and the neighbourhoods of our cities. Through participation in the creation and realisation of the art form – a frequent characteristic of theatre in public space – it contributes significantly to democratic understanding and one’s own possibilities for action in society.