Networks and memberships

Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste – BFDK (The National Association of the Independent Performing Arts)

The BFDK is one of the main pillars of Germany’s theatre landscape. It was founded in 1990 as the National Association of Independent Theatres and is one of the largest theatre associations in Germany. As an umbrella organisation containing 16 regional and 4 connected associations, it represents the interests of more than 2,300 members and in turn around 25,000 theatre and dance professionals. It acts as an initiator of discourse, promotes professional exchange, offers qualification programmes for its members, informs the public and advises politics, administration and business with its expertise.

BUTIÖR is an associate member of the BFDK.

Fonds Darstellende Künste (The Performing Arts Fund)

For more than 30 years, the Fonds Darstellende Künste has been one of the six national cultural promotion funds supporting the art and cultural landscape within Germany, with a special focus on the promotion of the independent performing arts. The Fund’s activities aim to strengthen art-oriented funding and stands for the professional and targeted development of artistic concepts and projects commissioned by artists themselves. Through its support, the Fund contributes to the further development of diversity in the German theatre, performance and dance scene.

BUTIÖR is one of the 17 associations that make up the Fonds DAKU.

Allianz der Freien Künste – AFK (Alliance of the Independent Performing Arts)

The Allianz der Freien Künste (AFK) is an alliance of national associations and interest groups representing the independent scene in Germany. The AFK wants to fundamentally and sustainably improve the working and living conditions of actors in the independent scene. It aims to bundle common, overarching demands across all disciplines and introduce them into the cultural debate. The AFK aims to draw attention to the work of the independent scene in Germany as well as its artistic practice, to provide overarching professional expertise, to advise politicians and to inform the public.

BUTIÖR is a founding member of the AFK.

Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg – IKF (International Culture Fair Freiburg)

The IKF is a showcase and international meeting point for stage and street theatre productions, as well as music and events with live performances. It also hosts an extensive exhibitor section. It is an important partner for the touring members of the BUTIÖR.

BUTIÖR has had a stand at the IKF for many years and has initiated the successful ShortCuts format.


The cultural landscape in Germany as well as its actors do not stand above history. They exist on  the grounds of one of the greatest crimes against humanity that the world has seen. As DIE VIELEN, more than 4,500 institutions and actors in the arts and cultural scene are engaged in an open and critical discussion on social developments and the gradual shift towards the right. Our dialogue is conducted together with our audience in the belief that the participating organisations have the responsibility to further develop our society in the direction of a functioning democracy. Die Vielen is empathic with those who are being pushed into the margins by extreme right-wing politics.

BUTIÖR is a signatory of the Berlin Declaration of Die Vielen.