Becoming a member

Individuals, groups and institutions who feel connected to the genre because of their profession or interest and who wish to support the aims of BUTIÖR can become members – regardless of their nationality.

The Board of Directors decides on admission to the BUTIÖR. The applicant receives an invoice for the membership fee as confirmation of membership.

Each member increases the public power of representation for themselves and others and strengthens the work of BUTIÖR. Our members are called upon to play an active role in shaping our work.

Our fees

Ordinary members

€ 60,-/year: Individual membership (voting right is bound to the member)

€ 120/year: groups or institutions

Supporting members (non-voting)

from € 60,-/year: individual membership

from € 120,-/year: groups or institutions


Memembership application (DE)
SEPA direct debit mandate (DE)