statistical overview of German street theatre festivals

(taken in form of a questionnaire during German street theatre festivals)


From where does the audience of a street theatre festival come from?  

How many people are from the town in question, the region or from further away?  

How does they divide in terms of age?  

What level of education does the average audience member possess?  


We were interested in the answer to these and other questions and with that in mind, we commissioned a survey of Germany's street theatre festivals during 2012. We wanted to know more about our audience, their demographics and how they plan their leisure time. We also wanted to help the festivals organisers (which are often Communes) by giving them solid numbers that would reinforce the value their events have for their cities and communities.  

With our survey we wanted to explore various arguments that speak for the special character of the genre, for example, that street theatre reaches a broad audience as well as demographically different audience than the classical theatre, and that it has a community-building character. The conclusions of the survey confirm these theories.  

The survey took place in 2012 in the following festivals:  

„Tête à Tête“ in Rastatt, Festival „Gassensensationen“ in Heppenheim, „Straßentheaterfestival“ in Ludwigshafen, Festival „ViaThea“ in Görlitz, Festival „La Strada“ in Bremen, Festival „Welttheater der Straße“ in Schwerte and in May 2013 at the „Internationalen Straßentheater Festival Holzminden“.  

We would like to thank the participating festivals for their support.  

With Daniela Selberg we found a renowned statistician who was adept at analysing the over two thousand questionnaires. The project was supported by Nicole Ruppert. To Nicole and Daniela as well as everyone who helped out, we would like to say a warm thank you!  

The results of the survey can be found as a PDF here.