360 degrees of active space - public space as a place for artistic expression


Theater and performing arts in all their manifold expressions in the public space are amongst the most innovative, dynamic and inspiring genres of cultural resource in Europe and beyond.

In recent years the public space has been moving more and more into the centre of attention, in theoretical discourse as well as in the applied performing arts. The public space is turning into a laboratory, an inspiration and a workspace for multidimensional and interdisciplinary forms of contemporary art. Visual art, performing art, performance and action art as well as interventions in urban and rural environments are all unfolding in the public space.

The performing and performance arts in public space are in fact generated from it, whilst being artistic formats that become an intentional part of urban life. Mundane places are imbued with poetic content, unexpected storylines evolve and the structure and context of urban communication is transformed. Social interaction is influenced by artistic intervention and audiences that rarely get exposed to “art and culture” are touched and moved unexpectedly.

Theater and performing arts in public spaces create their impact through dialogue and the negotiation of boundaries between the artists, the place and the audience. Playing in and with actual places and squares, whose urban and social functions may not be visible, creates a fresh perspective of the architecture and the landscape of the surrounding space. Participation in the process of creation and realisation is one of the main characteristics of the theater in public space. This creates access to art and culture through involvement and results in an experience of being influential in a social and democratic process in society.