The German Association for Theatre in Public Spaces


Founded in 2006, our association aims to establish theatre in public spaces as an independent and unique cultural entity. We see ourselves as lobby and network on a national and international level. We aim to support the recognition of theatre in public spaces and push for the improvement of production and presentation possibilities. Our members are solo artists and ensembles, producers, agents, organisers and culturally active persons who work professionally in the scene. 

The story behind our network

The idea to found a German association for street theatre / theatre in public spaces was decided in 2005 during the “1st International Street Art Conference” in Mainz. Organised by “Theatre Titanick” German and European artists and producers gathered to exchange ideas and reflect upon the defining characteristics of the genre. The impulses created during this meeting resulted in the formation of the association in 2006.

Twenty founding members signed the statute of “Theatre in Public Spaces” in the city of Frankfurt am Main in the workspace of “Antagon TheaterAKTion”. Since then our membership has steadily grown.

Our regular events are:


General assembly:

The general assembly takes place annually. It serves to inform our members of the activities of the board, as well as encouraging a healthy dialogue between our members.

Biannually the general assembly elects a new board.



In our newsletter the board reports about their activities. The newsletter also has space for news from our members.



Our facebook presence is used by both the board and general members to keep in touch.


Annual winter conference:

Since the establishment of our association, we have held an annual winter conference. Either in February or March our members and those interested in the genre meet to discuss and reflect on our work. The winter conference takes place in different locations, usually in theatres or in the workspaces of our members. The conference serves to further educate its visitors and, with this in mind, we occasionally invite external speakers to attend. In the past years we have focused on: audience concepts in theatre in public spaces (2009),staged spaces – spaces on stage (2010), staging forms and their affect (2011), idea workshop for the future of theatre in public spaces (2012) new co-operations and partnerships for theatre in public spaces (2014). Documentation of each conference is available on request.

Our achievements:


An archive – Theatre in public spaces in the Mime-Centrum, Berlin


The realisation of this project began in 2011. The Mime Centre, Berlin, was kind enough to offer to archive videos of performances and make them available to the public. The Mime Centre sees itself as a documentation centre – we kindly ask you, if at all possible, to only hand in full-length show footage. Beside film material, the centre also stores print publications. We are happy to receive any material you feel should be added (via our address).


Project funding for the unique project “Theater im öffentlichen Raum” 2014 - Fund for the performative arts. 

Download our statute

Satzung_2014.pdf (125.4 KiB)