theatre of public spaces - library


Our association has set itself the goal to portray and represent the street theatre scene in Germany. In order to do so, we continually gather information about current productions, events and agencies, and place them at the disposal of interested parties.  

Our collection contains not only a list of individuals and groups working in the field of street theatre, but also aims to keep a chronological record of the productions. If available, we collect flyers and texts, as well as other information. Festivals and other events are documented according to their organisational history and their brochures.  

Our archive hopes to close a gap in the history of Germany theatre, cannot however claim to be a complete library of the productions in public spaces.  

For the archive work, we rely on the help of interested parties to keep the documentation as current as possible.  

Every entry that we receive is checked and included.  

If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to contact the board.