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The association “Theater im Öffentlichen Raum” (Theatre in Public Spaces) aims to support, advance and connect the genre. As a lobby for professional artists, producers, agents, technicians, and simply lovers of theatre, we push for improved conditions for production and presentation of theatre in public spaces.

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Bundesverband Theater im Öffentlichen Raum e.V.

Founded in 2006, our association aims to establish theatre in public spaces as an independent and unique cultural entity. We see ourselves as lobby and network on a national and international level. We aim to support the recognition of theatre in public spaces and push for the improvement of production and presentation possibilities. Our members are solo artists and ensembles, producers, agents, organisers and culturally active persons who work professionally in the scene.

Der Bundesverband

In Germany, theatre in public spaces reaches an audience of millions every year. Countless successful festivals and events are proof of our artistic use of public space.


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theatre for all

Theatre in public spaces reaches a wide spectrum of audience and draws immense crowds.


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the public spaces - the city - a stage of 360°

Theatre in public spaces uses the public space as its stage - wether we like it or not, it is always part of the production.


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The story behind our network

The idea to found a German association for street theatre/theatre in public spaces was decided in 2005 during the "1st International Street Art Conference in Münster.


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What is the sum of 9 and 1?


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Clair Howells - 1. Vorsitzende


Rainer Bauer - Mitgliederverwaltung



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