KIOSK – Das Straßentheater-Szene Treffen

Im Rahmen des diesjährigen Festivals Welttheater der Straße in Schwerte lädt der Bundesverband Theater im öffentlichen Raum erstmalig zum Kiosk ein, einem zwanglosen Treffen von Veranstalter*innen, Künstler*innen und Agenturen der darstellenden Künste im öffentlichen Raum.

Samstag, 31.08.2019
14-16 Uhr

(Ruhrstr. 20 / 58239 Schwerte)

Unmittelbar im Anschluss ab 16 Uhr könnt Ihr das Programm des Festivals entdecken.

Ihr seid herzlich eingeladen, mit dabei zu sein!
Wir bitten um (unverbindliche) Anmeldung unter

10. Wintertagung 2019 mit Ordentlicher Mitgliederversammlung

Die diesjährige Wintertagung unseres Verbands findet vom 17 - 19 März 2019 in Detmold statt.

Auch 2019 findet wieder die Ordentliche Mitgliederversammlung im Rahmen der Wintertagung statt. 


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Shortcuts - Neue Theaterprojekte im öffentlichen Raum

Kurzpräsentationen auf der 30. Internationalen Kulturbörse Freiburg
Di. 22. Januar 2019, 15:30 Uhr, Raum K1

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Bundesverband auf der Kulturbörse Freiburg 2019

Mitglieder-Versammlung - Sonntag, 20.01.2018, 19h-21h

Apero am Stand 2.0.9. - Montag, 21.01.2018, 12h

Shortcuts - Dienstag, 22.01.2018, 15:30h-17:00h, Raum K1

Unser Messestand befindet sich diesmal wieder in der großen Messe-Halle:
Stand 2.0.9

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The Berlin Declaration of The Many 

Art creates spaces for change

As creators of arts and culture in Germany we do not stand above things. Rather we have both feet firmly on the ground – the very ground upon which one of the worst state crimes against humanity was committed. This country has seen art vilified as degenerate and culture being abused for purpose of propaganda. Millions of people were murdered or driven into exile, amongst them many artists.

Today we see arts and culture as well as their venues, i.e. museums, theatres, galleries, clubs and urban places as open spaces belonging to many. We view our society as a plural gathering - an encounter of different interests that find each other in the spaces between. Democracy needs to be renegotiated daily – but always on the premise that it concerns us all, every single one of us, as beings of multiple possibilities!
By attacking cultural institutions as agents of this societal vision, right-wing populism stands in hostile opposition to the art of the many. Right-wing groups and parties frequently disrupt events, aim to determine repertoires, polemicise against the freedom of art and above all are working on the re-nationalisation of culture. Their disrespectful reaction to people seeking refuge, to dedicated artists and dissidents, clearly shows how they plan to deal with our society should a shift of power in their favour become reality.

We, the supporters of Berlin theatres, art galleries, museums and cultural spaces and their associates reject these attempts with a clear position:

The cultural institutions signing this declaration will lead an open and critical dialogue that creates awareness in regards to right-wing strategies. The Institutions engage in these dialogues with all participants as well as the public under the premise that their institutions have a commitment to advancing our society democratically.

All signatories commit themselves to not providing a platform for racist-nationalist propaganda.

We reject the illegitimate attempts made by right-wing nationalists to exploit art and cultural events for their own purposes.

We unite in solidarity with people who, in the light of right-wing politics, are further marginalised within our society.

Solidarity over privilege. It’s about all of us. Freedom for the Arts!

Die Vielen